Energy Efficiency:

Most people know we should have water flow restrictors on our taps to reduce water wastage, but there are a few more simple things we can do to save energy and $$.

Roof vents, or “whirly birds” powered by the wind cool down your roof space considerably in summer.

You will be surprised if you open your roof space ceiling access panel (usually in the garage), how hot the roof space gets.

Roof vents extract the hot air from your roof space, cooling down your house considerably for very little cost to purchase & install.

Skylights are another relatively cost-effective method to brighten up a dark common area of your home that we can help with, saving using a light during the daytime.

There is nothing worse than wasting water at a tap waiting for the hot water to arrive. It wastes water down the drain, and then the pipe that you have just filled with hot water will cool down quickly – wasting all that energy, only to have to potentially turn the tap on shortly afterwards and wait for hot water to arrive again.

We can advise on a few options to help with this issue.

If you have natural gas nearby then it’s a good idea to utilise it.

If your neighbours have a natural gas meter at the front of their house, it’s more than likely you are able to install natural gas to your house as well.

We can assist with the design and installation of natural gas to your property to use in the kitchen, for hot water and even the BBQ.

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