Rainwater Re-Use

 Rainwater re-use requires constant attention when used with pools, toilets or washing machines.

It is recommended that rainwater tanks should be cleaned out or flushed clean every year (recommended to be done during high rainfall time such as summer), we can assist with this.

This will prevent discolouration of your toilet and washing machine if they are connected to the rainwater.

This also will help with the water quality of your pool.

Your rainwater system should have carbon and micron filters to also prevent toilet and washing machine discolouration and odour.

A micron filter will also help with your pools water quality.

We can help service or install rainwater filters for you.

We can help with maintenance of your rainwater pumps & mains water top up / mains water switching device.

The best use of rainwater is irrigation or car washing. We can install rainwater tanks to fit in most areas to help save water use in your home.

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