Shared Plumbing Services:

Whether it be for a lifestyle village, nursing home, highrise building, shopping centre or a group of townhouses, we can help maintain shared plumbing facilities and plumbing infrastructure associated with Body Corporates, Volumetric Titles & Strata Titling.

We are experienced in report writing for water usage disputes or problem-solving excessive water bills where water bills are shared.

We can help with mapping of on-site drainage and water services to enable easier record keeping of required routine maintenance.

We are able to maintain on-site fire & Rainwater systems.

We can also set up yearly routine maintenance schedules to help with backflow prevention device testing (do you have a shared bin area?) and your on-site fire hydrant system (if applicable), whilst being available to solve any plumbing issues such as blocked drains & water leaks.

Most of the public are not aware that instantaneous gas hot water units should be maintained each year to extend product lifetime – we can also assist with this.

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